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About Christian


Music & Poetry


I was born on May 12th, 1993 in London, England, in the United Kingdom. From the age of 11, I developed a passion for music and began learning how to play guitar. 


By the age of 17, I had formed a heavy metal band named ''Grievances Aside'', and began writing music, culminating in my first professional release - a 6 track self-titled EP, which was released in 2012.


Between 2010 - 2013, I performed regularly at various venues in London such as ''Camden Rocks'', ''The Monarch'', ''The Dublin Castle'', ''The Scream Lounge'', ''Nambucca'' and ''Boston Music Rooms'' to name a few. 


In 2013, I released a solo self-titled 6 track EP, and began frequenting venues as a solo performer for the first time. 


During this time I also began experimenting with poetry, which eventually led to my debut poetry eBook release -''Open to Interpretation'' in 2015, an extended version named ''Open to Interpretation II'' in 2016, and two more books titled: ''Realisations'', and ''Dark Deeds & Experimentation'' in 2017. 



Prior to my university education, I attended Haydon School & Sixth Form College between 2004 - 2011,  where I studied a variety of subjects, including business & psychology.


After completing my studies at Haydon School & Sixth Form College, I spent two years away from education to gain work experience in the field of retail, whilst also pursuing a career in music, before eventually returning to college in 2013 to study and attain a business diploma from Uxbridge College in 2014.


Between 2014-2017 I attended Royal Holloway University of London, and studied Management with Marketing. I graduated in July 2017 with a bachelor of science degree.

Work Experience


During this period, I held various positions such as 'Student Ambassador', together with various part-time jobs in retail, hospitality & catering, telesales, and more. I also wrote news articles and opinion pieces for companies such as 'Give Me Sport'.


I have ten years worth of work experience from several different industries, and have worked for companies, organizations, and institutions such as: MRPeasy, Admiral Markets, Rost Traffic, the John Lewis Partnership , Samsonite UK , and Brunel University London, to name a few.


Since graduating, I have predominantly worked in the field of marketing, with experience in a range of areas including copy writing, content writing, SEO, website audits, Google Analytics, and general marketing consultancy.

Interests & Ongoing Projects


I consistently pursue various creative personal projects in my spare time, including my podcast - the Christian Reeve Podcast , my Youtube channel, my music, my poetry, my voice overs, and my acting.


I am an avid fan of professional wrestling, watching movies, and writing & performing music. My other interests include playing basketball & football, amateur photography, gaming, blogging, reading, traveling, and learning languages. 

If you would like to contact me regarding work, projects, or anything else, please use one of the following email address:

Thank you for visiting my website!

- Christian Reeve


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