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He Came Along, She Came Along

He came along, just as she came along And they crushed my dreams Time after time, and then I wondered Maybe there's no chance Maybe I'm kidding myself Or maybe, just maybe, maybe their wrong

Scratches From The Night

I wake up with scratches from the night With fear in my eyes at this terrible sight Though god may his finger on my soul Demons and spirits seek to destroy me whole For I am no longer conflicted with morals Nor am I lazy, resting on my laurels I spread all that is good, for no prize or validation I simply do what is right, without expectation They seek to destroy what is pure To defile me like the rest, so that I may also endure A life led by sin, devoid of conscience or second-thought To spread misery everywhere without an afterthought

One Day

One day, it won't matter if you're "right" Remember that, remember that One day I'll be far out of sight Remember that, remember that One day, I'll be dead Remember that, remember that One day, you might regret what you said Remember that, remember that

Inside Those Eyes, That Hold No Lies

Inside those eyes, that hold no lies That hold pain and reflection, masked from detection A window to the soul, inside the gaping hole A deep sadness within, with the soul wearing thin You smile, but I see your sadness You dance, but I see your madness You laugh, but I feel your sorrow You live, but I know you don't plan for tomorrow


Who would've thought that life would become this? It ain't torture, but it ain't bliss 3 weeks, six months, the numbers are unclear But right now I know for certain, death is always near

Longing For The Day

I long for the day I do not wake up with dismay And rub shoulders with my brothers in the warm summer of May I long for the time that my days are worry-free And that I may walk the streets with complete certainty I long for a world free from all restriction I hope my dream is not a dream, and not a work of fiction

The Special Ones

You know there aren't many Many ones like us, the special ones They radiate even in wastelands Sticking out like a stunning landscape And you can't help but stare and approach Yes the special ones are few and far between And I'll be silent for most But try to silence me when I'm around the special ones Try to stop me from leaping at the chance The chance to be around the special ones

Don't Tell Me That It's All In My Head

Don't tell me that it's all in my head From up there in your throne It's a wonder that I'm still even here Crushed by the weight of my own mind There's an echo shouting out my name Telling me to give up hope It's like a poison infiltrating my mind Till I am totally blind to the truth

Remember That's It's All In Your Head

When you doubt, when you fear, when you wanna disappear Remember that it's all in your head When you worry, when you dread, when you wish that you were dead Remember that it's all in your head When you're cold and alone, and no one picks up the phone Remember that it's all in your head When all you see is night and there is no guiding light Remember that it's all in your head When times get too tough and you think you've had enough Remember that it's all in your head When you need a 'pick me up', read this over and stand up And repeat after me 'It is all in my head'


Is this it? Is this the one? Guess we won't be laughing at the movies anymore Voices telling us to panic Voices telling us to relax So which is it? All the plagues when we were kids were like fashion trends And just like nature, only the strong would survive But now, maybe we're all weak? Even if we're strong? Maybe there's no escaping or ignoring this one Maybe there's no way to avoid the inevitable Guess we'll just wait and see

The Other Side Of The Door

I've seen what's on the other side of the door And it was terrifying I've seen what's on the other side of the door And it was gratifying I've seen what's on the other side of the door And it was boring I've seen what's on the other side of the door And it was enticing But no matter what I tell you You're going to open it, aren't you? You cannot resist the big red button You cannot bear to be unaware

Funny How The World Goes Silent

Funny how the world goes silent When the doubts within my world are so loud they're unbearable Funny how the world goes quiet When I start shouting about all the suffering Funny how people turn their backs When yesterday they said they'd do anything Funny how when I pour my heart out to you Your words are hollow, destructive, and pointless

If You Could Hear Her Screams

The forest screams you know I hear her screams when I see the destruction I feel her pain when I see the devastation And when she dies, a part of me dies too But not for everyone No, for some it's a victory, a chance to capitalize Fools! You are killing yourselves How do you not see that? How do you not feel that? If you could hear her screams Maybe you'd think twice Maybe, just maybe

Tragedy Within Me

What is this tragedy within me? This stirring feeling This aching feeling This yearning feeling Do I not deserve the light? As others so often bask within? I hear violins, I hear entire symphonies Playing my exit song Yes I'm an entertainer, a lover, a justice warrior And yet I lose all battles within I only win at the life that I play in

You Don't Need

You don't need to tell the world your secrets And you don't need to spread your lies You don't need to be involved in all the fights And you don't need to turn a blind eye

Everything Is Stolen

Everything is stolen Copied, borrowed, tweaked, whatever He's a genius, and then she's a genius, many decades later When everyone has forgotten All inspiring phrases, repeated in every lifetime


From out of nowhere you thrust yourself upon me Like a ravenous dog in the night And all my strength and energy disappears As I fight you all day long And you come at any time, without warning And you tear me apart, you leave me scared till the morning And you are a leech, draining my life force And you take all that I am, straight from the source

Take Me Home

Just take me home I need to rest I cannot face another test From every direction, I am attacked I need a break I don't know how much I can take Just give me what I want I won't ask for anything more I just want the basics and nothing more

When Will This Nightmare Stop?

When will this terrifying nightmare stop? This endless storm, from which I am dropped This way, that way, thrown around like a toy It feels like yesterday I was but a mere boy And the past tortures me, even though it is done I am constantly reminded of mistakes made when I was young Am I to be forever tortured by memories and faces? By wrongful actions, the worst choices, emotional takeovers, and by my disgraces? And does everyone suffer in the way I am tormented? Is it normal? Or am I simply demented? When do the nightmares stop, and the dreams begin? Or am I now tarred with a brush? A life of sin?

Impress Me With Your Kindness

You're the best in your field? Great stuff You beat everyone? Well done You're the best in the world? Fantastic achievement! What's that? Why am I not impressed? For sure I am, but I'm looking for something much greater! What am I looking for? Well, kindness of course! Impress me with your kindness Show me how deep your love goes Show me your heart, the key to your soul, then I'll be impressed

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