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#190 2022 Recap & Happy New Year

What a new year's it was...

While others were celebrating, so was I, but it all went wrong quickly. I've spoken about it a lot on live streams, and I'm moving on from it now, but I will say here that this was perhaps the lowest point of my life - rock bottom.

It was the culmination of several months of work, bad habits, and the inability to care for oneself properly. I thought about not addressing it, about trying to forget that it happened, but that's not how life works.

I own mistakes, just like I claim victories when they come. I messed up, and there were consequences. I have learned a lot from this situation, and I have grown as a result of it.

I'm happy to say that I'm in a good place mentally, I'm eating properly again, I'm sleeping properly, and I feel so much healthier. This was not by coincidence, because the people I was spending time around and the places I was spending time in before were not good for me, and in the end, something had to give.

I'm regretful that it had to occur in that manner, but I'm glad I was able to get the wake-up call I needed to get myself back on track and start doing what I should be doing again.

2023 is the year of reinvention, recovery, and reformation. I'm already working on my goals with increased enthusiasm and a new lease on life. I want to thank my friends and my family for being there for me, for teaching me, and for not turning their backs on me.

This will now remain a memory, a reminder of a dark path I was walking down that could have gotten the better of me. I'm glad it didn't, I'm grateful for this second chance, and I won't let you down.

So there it is. I'm breathing a sigh of relief as I write this, as I'm finally letting it go and moving onward from it. I was apprehensive about what my first content would be, as I would inevitably have to address it, but now I can just leave it here as a stark reminder - to not falter, to not forget what's important, and to take care of myself properly. Thank you for this opportunity.

#190 2022: End Of Year Recap

I might start producing these end-of-year episodes regularly from here on out. It was a great opportunity to look back and really reflect on the year that passed, on what had been achieved, and on the lessons that had been learned.

I also briefly outlined what my goals for the podcast would be for 2023 (although they haven't changed much). I hope you enjoy the episode. I will be dropping a new episode of the podcast (the first of 2023) at some point soon, and it will likely be an interview.

Things have been busy at my end, and so this has delayed production and planning for the podcast and my Patreon, but I figured it's better to take time and actually plan this content out properly, rather than just put out an episode for the sake of it.

With love,



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