Grappler’s Choice #19 - Ronda Rousey Vs Asuka Survivor Series 2018 (Streak Vs Streak - Fantasy Booki

After a long hiatus of 20 months (the last Grappler’s Choice blog post was May 22nd 2016!) I decided to bring Grappler’s Choice back with some fantasy booking. I don’t know how regular these will be, but whenever I have something that I want to voice about wrestling, or some ideas I have for booking, I will post them here. Just like another blog post I wrote recently, the idea for this post came out of a small tweet I was planning to make on Twitter. This blog seemed to write itself. I hope you like my ideas, and please let me know your thoughts on how Ronda & Asuka should be booked going forward!

I thought about this match being saved till Wrestlemania 35, but I felt that the fantasy booking idea I’ve developed below was a much better idea. I feel like Survivor Series could use a boost this year, to add something more than the annual elimination match between Raw and Smackdown Live. I think this could be a huge match for the women’s division and WWE as a whole. The women’s division seems to be getting better and better by the minute, and after watching the Royal Rumble, I got very excited about the future potential matchups that may occur moving forward. So here’s my thoughts on how WWE should book a clash between Ronda Rousey & Asuka at Survivor Series.


Considering that we have two PPVs for each brand prior to Wrestlemania, one of which features Alexa Bliss defending her title in the Elimination Chamber match, I do not expect these PPVs to have much impact on the booking idea I have created. I think that WWE will want to keep the Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax storyline going until Wrestlemania. Looking at the other competitors in the match, I can only see one of these two winning.

Sasha Banks could potentially win, but It just seems to make more sense if it stays with Alexa Bliss for now, with Nia remaining a major threat and contender to Alexa’s championship. I think that Nia could then insert herself into the title picture by stating that if it were one on one matchup, and not contested between several other women (like it was in the Elimination Chamber) Nia would have beaten Alexa.

This is where I think Ronda Rousey could then surprise everyone by confirming that she wants to face Alexa at Wrestlemania. Kurt Angle could then book a triple threat match for Wrestlemania between the three of them. I would keep this Ronda Rousey announcement very close (perhaps a month or three weeks before Wrestlemania) to allow time for build up and confrontations between the three of them.

Wrestlemania 34 & Thereafter

I think Alexa should take the pin in this one in order to keep Nia Jax strong, and to allow Ronda to have a potential future feud with Nia for the title. A match between these two could then occur at Backlash, and depending on the success of the feud, could continue until Money In The Bank. Alternatively, there are plenty of legitimate competitors for Ronda to defend her title against (e.g. Alexa Bliss - Rematch,Sasha Banks, Bayley) in the period between Wrestlemania and Survivor Series. I think Ronda should be made to look as strong as possible from her first match in WWE, right up until this clash.

I think that Asuka should face Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship and win. Charlotte Flair is the type of wrestler that doesn’t need a championship to be considered a top competitor. She has already proven herself over the past five years with excellent performances, numerous title runs, and involvement in historic matches such as the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match. This would a brilliant match and I think that a loss here would not affect Charlotte Flair in my opinion.

Asuka can then be an undefeated champion and hold the belt until she faces Ronda, who as I mentioned earlier, is also undefeated. I think WWE could bill this as a ‘‘Streak Vs Streak’’ match and have it as a co or main event on the Survivor Series match card. Just like the Raw roster, Smackdown Live has plenty of superstars to keep Asuka busy (e.g. Charlotte Flair - Rematch, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi) and I think that during one of these feuds, this would also be an ideal time for Carmella to cash in her Money In The Bank contract on a weakened Asuka (i.e. after a match, as per the usual classic moment to cash in) and lose.

Survivor Series

This would be a huge match, and I honestly think it could be the main event. It would be a great contest for sure, and I feel that the best way to end this one would be if Asuka walked out with a win. Defeating Ronda would be a huge achievement and I think it would make Asuka feel like an undefeatable champion moving forward. Giving Ronda her first loss in a major match in my opinion would not hurt her, and I think it could set up a brilliant following storyline whereby Ronda becomes a ‘‘marked woman’’ on the Raw Roster, and everyone targets her because they realise she is beatable (because of the loss to Asuka). I think this could also allow Ronda to transition into becoming a more regular competitor (if she and WWE wishes to go this way) and therefore fighting on weekly Raw shows, as well as, PPVs.

*All images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons*

- Christian Reeve

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