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Grappler's Choice #21 - Fantasy Booking for Curt Hawkins

As of January 2018, Curt Hawkins reached over 150 losses. It’s pretty awesome that this losing streak has led to merchandise commemorating this achievement, as well as, a general increase in popularity for him.

Scenarios to break the streak

The losing streak gave me a fantasy booking idea for Curt Hawkins that could capitalise on this particular accomplishment. At some point, It is likely that Curt Hawkins will overcome the losing streak and start winning again. When this occurs, I think WWE should consider a story-line angle wherein Curt is challenged by some authority figure or other wrestler to a match whereby, if Curt loses, he must leave the company. Prior to this occurrence, Curt could display some sort of a ‘‘breakdown’’ because of losing, and then a heel wrestler could begin to torment him, and eventually goads him into the aforementioned scenario.

This should be a relatively brief feud, where we are primed to believe that Curt has no chance of winning, and the match should then occur at a high profile event (perhaps Backlash, given that Curt is currently on Raw). I think that the build up to this match could occur on the RAW after Wrestlemania, or the match could even occur at this particular RAW (i.e. the heel wrestler challenges Curt to a match that night), given the nature of the crowd on this particular occasion. I could see a Curt Hawkins win by this point, at this RAW getting a huge pop from the crowd. Alternatively, WWE could pull the trigger on this angle in a different manner, by having Curt continue to lose up until a 200 loss record, and Curt could announce that he is having a 200th anniversary match to celebrate his record, with the intention of making it extra special by walking out of the 201st match with a win, thus breaking the streak.

You could then have a heel wrestler (I’m undecided as to who this could be, maybe you - the reader, could make some suggestions as to who you think should be in the feud alongside Curt) walk out and interrupt his promo saying something along the lines of ‘‘nobody cares Curt, it’s no longer funny, it’s just sad and pathetic. You’re a loser, nobody wants you here anymore, and quite frankly I’m sick to death with you wasting valuable TV time that could be spent on someone like me… A WINNER!’’.

Having a heel wrestler such as The Miz for this feud would be perfect. I think that Curt should of course win the match, and begin a winning streak that sees him win 200 matches. It would be an interesting record to have, a wrestler who has lost consecutively 200 times, and then wins 200 times in a row (or just wins a considerable amount of times in a row, depending on how this storyline plays out).

Now it gets interesting…

Ok, if you’re still with me and you don’t think this is a totally ridiculous idea then please keep reading. I think that we could duplicate Eddie Guerrero’s famous ‘Lying, cheating and stealing’ gimmick, but with a twist. Once Curt has won 3-4 matches in a row, I think this would be a great time to turn Curt heel. Curt could then develop a catchphrase that sounds something like ‘‘I will win….BY....ANY.....MEANS...NECESSARY’’ (I hear Snitsky’s voice when this catchphrase is spoken, similar to how he used to say ‘‘IT WASN’T MY FAULT’’, perhaps Curt could say this catchphrase in a similar vein). Then, to keep this winning streak interesting, each time that Curt has a match I think he should win a different way (ideally by cheating, heel tactics) to make it interesting.

This has the potential to be a comedy style thing each time (i.e the crowd gets excited and eagerly anticipates knowing how Curt will win) or this could play out as a major heel angle, whereby Curt achieves huge heat every time he does this. Either way, I think that in order to keep it exciting, WWE should limit the amount of matches Curt has, and give him more time to cut promos, stating how he has invented new and ingenious ways to win, and thus provide anticipation for his matches.

Let me know what you think of this fantasy booking idea in the comments below. How would you do it differently?

*All images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons*

- Christian Reeve

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