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Grappler's Choice #22 - Curt Hawkins Fantasy Booking (Alternative Storyline Idea)

Setting up the angle

So today I have come up with an alternative way to book a brief storyline concerning Curt Hawkins’ losing streak, so let’s delve straight into it. Firstly, the end result will be exactly the same as what I wrote in Grappler’s Choice #21, Curt Hawkins comes out in winning form again at the end of the angle. I consider this to be really important, because while it is pretty interesting and unique to have such a high losing streak, you’ve gotta consider the longevity of all gimmicks, and in my opinion, unless something interesting is going to be introduced into this current storyline soon (e.g. the career ending match I mentioned in #21), I don’t see how you can continue to retain fan attention in the current format. Perhaps I just lack imagination and cannot see something obvious or exciting (after all, I don’t work in the industry/nor am I a professional writer).

The idea I have features Curt Hawkins winning a match after some milestone (e.g. winning his 201st match after having lost 200 matches). Yes this part is the same as what I wrote in #21, but I feel it’s important to give his win as much importance as possible. The win should come as an absolute shock, and if it the right build up is created, it could potentially get a huge pop from the crowd that witnesses it.

After the match, I would have Curt either interviewed in the ring and/or featured backstage stating how shocked he is. I think he should have mixed emotions. I see him feeling relieved and elated to finally get a victory, but sad that his streak has come to an end, and that he cannot continue to make history.

Raining on Curt’s parade

As he says this (if this happens, it’s better to have it occur in the ring in front of the fans for shock value), another wrestler should come out and berate him, saying something like ‘‘Don’t worry Curt…. I’ll make sure you continue to make history….because I’m going to give you the biggest beat down in history….’’

I feel like this would be delivered better if said wrestler slips into the ring behind Curt and delivers either a low blow, or hits Curt with a weapon, and then delivers the aforementioned promo to Curt while he is laying on the floor. The next week, Curt should come out and challenge the wrestler to a match, to which they should come out and say ‘‘I’m pretty busy delivering beatdowns to worthy opponents right now Curt….I’m afraid you’re just too damn weak to be taken as a legitimate opponent….so get out of my ring and wait your turn little boy….’’

Kurt Angle would then come out and interrupt this wrestler, demanding that he faces Curt in the ring that night. The match would not happen because the wrestler would ambush Curt during his entrance and leave him incapacitated on the stage. The following week (the week before the inevitable PPV match) Curt should interrupt the wrestler during his match by coming out in the middle of the match. This would cause the usual interruption that leads to a roll up pin or finisher by his opponent, leaving the wrestler embarrassed. Curt would then challenge the wrestler to a match at the upcoming PPV.


Curt would of course win the match, and then I feel that moving forward it would be best to move him on to a championship run, and ideally this could lead to a reign as Intercontinental Champion, or perhaps a switch to Smackdown Live for a reign as US champion. I also think that Curt could start using a new catchphrase off the back of this feud, something along the lines of ‘‘We’re making history/making records again/every....single….night’’.

I feel that Curt Hawkins has so much more to offer, and the storyline ideas I have pitched in this post and in #21 show some ways you could showcase that. He’s a great talent and I feel like he could make this work.

What are your thoughts on my ideas?, what would you do differently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

- Christian Reeve

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