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Grappler's Choice #24 - Braun Strowman Fantasy Booking

I have seen many complaints online that Braun Strowman has not received a singles match for Wrestlemania 34, but I think this recent angle involving Strowman and the Raw Tag Team division could be a golden opportunity for a fantastic story line. I think this could play out one of two ways as well, so here's some fantasy booking ideas.

Braun becomes champion

Imagine the pop Braun Strowman would receive if he won the Raw tag team championships at Wrestlemania 34 completely by himself! I think it could lay the foundations for an interesting angle that could begin on the Raw after Wrestlemania too. Braun could come out during the show and cut a small promo, saying something along the lines of ''I destroyed everyone in the Raw tag team division at Wrestlemania...I don't need no partner either...because I did it all with THESE HANDS!''. After Braun says this, you could have Kurt Angle come out and state that Braun has to choose a tag team partner to defend his championship with that night, or he will be forced to make him forfeit the belts.

Braun finds a partner

During the rest of the show, you could then have Braun walking around backstage angry and frustrated, with people avoiding him and occasionally having one or two superstars coming up to him offering to be his partner, to which Braun could laugh at them or destroy them completely. After some time, Braun has no idea who to ask and he could then be approached for an interview. This is where I think his partner could be introduced. During the interview he says ''There isn't anyone around here who can take these hands...let alone be my partner'', to which a mystery voice would say ''Well today is your lucky day...'' and the camera pans around to show Bobby Lashley standing near him with a cocky smile. This could either play out positively, with Strowman accepting his offer (or the more likely scenario) he rejects Lashley, to which Angle then interjects and says ''If you don't accept Braun, I'm going to have to suspend you as well, for refusing to perform''.

Supposing we go with the ''uneasy alliance'' option, Braun and Lashley would retain the belts and would stare eachother down, whilst each holding a belt after their victory. I would then have the team retain the belts for a few more matches (similar to how Sheamus & Cesaro were between each other when they were first put together) before losing them in a controversial fashion, whereby one of them blames the other for losing the belts. This could then set up a match between the two somewhere down the line, or a longer feud if there is good chemistry between the two. It would also allow both wrestlers to transition back into singles competitors, without damaging their reputations.


Braun Strowman could be told backstage at Wrestlemania 34 by Kurt Angle/Triple H/A McMahon that he needs to find a partner to be able to compete in the tag team match later. This could then set up a surprise reveal moment (similar to Wrestlemania 33 when the Hardy Boyz were revealed to be surprise entrants into the tag team ladder match) whereby Braun's partner is announced just before the match is about to begin.

- Christian Reeve

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