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AI & AI Art With Craig Blackmoore | The Christian Reeve Podcast #191

What an incredible conversation this was! I had only come across AI art recently, but have since seen my TikTok and Instagram feeds become completely filled with AI art depicting various scenarios, reimaginations, and much more.

The question of whether or not AI art is art is perhaps just as controversial and difficult as the question of whether something is art in general. It's always going to be subjective, however, the introduction of AI art brings us many questions.

Who owns AI art? who controls it? The question of ownership is one that we cover extensively in this episode of the podcast, but I really feel like we only scratched the surface with this conversation.

It'll be interesting to see how the next 5-10 years unfold in terms of how AI art is viewed and used. Right now, we're in an experimentation phase, and it's exciting to see how AI art is evolving.

Craig Blackmoore is a highly talented artist and a great conversationist. I could have talked to this guy for hours and hours aha. All in all, this was a fun episode for me, I hope you enjoy it!


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