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Aidan Pitcher | The Christian Reeve Podcast #192

Aidan is 18 years of age, but he is wise beyond his years. He reached out to me about a year ago, but he was 17, and I have a rule that I only have people aged 18+ on the show (for safeguarding purposes).

So at that time, I declined his request to appear on the show, but I told him if he wanted to appear on the show in the future, he would be welcome. Sure enough, a year later he reached out and was still eager to appear on the show.

I knew Aidan was a budding musician, but what I didn't expect was how mature and knowledgeable he was. We had a great conversation about football, growing up on a farm, bartending, his love for glam rock, music taste, and much more.

I left the conversation as I often do when I record an episode of the show - feeling inspired! I hope you enjoy this fun conversation with Aidan Pitcher, I sense he has a bright future ahead of him!


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