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Emma Grae | The Christian Reeve Podcast #186

This episode has taken a while to schedule, and ironically, it's because my guest is experiencing the same problem I'm experiencing right now - the difficulty of finding the time to get things done.

Emma is a journalist and writer, juggling two jobs as well as her writing career. It was truly inspiring to talk to someone who is as motivated and driven to pursue her dreams as I am.

My guests always inspire me and teach me things (it's one of the reasons why I love doing the show), but this episode has come at a time when I really need the motivation to keep going and to keep persevering.

Emma discusses her journey into journalism, her short stint in teaching, how and why she became a writer, the importance of the scots language, and much more in this episode.

You're definitely gonna want to hear this one. Thanks for watching/listening!


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