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Episodes #188 & #189 of The Christian Reeve Podcast

In episodes, #188 and #189 of the podcast I interviewed a fantastic filmmaker and I broke down TikTok into the 'Good, Bad, and Ugly'.

I must say, my biggest thought right now is how much I love doing this show. Every time I do a new show, it feels like I'm adding to a legacy. I'll always be able to look back and say that I spent time making something I could be truly proud of. It doesn't matter if it succeeds or not, cause I have learned something each and every time I have sat down to do this show, and that's worth everything.

Wayne Cella is a great guy, and this episode will get you emotional, and it'll inspire you. It's always the people who faced the toughest battles who seem to have the greatest stories. This guy is truly inspirational, and it was an honour to speak with him.

The episode about TikTok is a long time coming, though I didn't know I was gonna make it. I owe TikTok a lot, it's helped me to build a community of people online, and it's given me a platform to advertise and grow as a creator, and as a person.

That being said, I call it as I see it. There's some BS that I address in the show. So, I hope you enjoy these episodes. Many more to come!

With love,



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