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Good Vibrations, Bad Vibrations

If you can love, you've succeeded At least in my book Cause you don't hate by nature No, you get taught to do that See, most of the world is vibrating on the lower levels And they miss the power right in front of them Or rather, inside of them An endless supply of power, that everyone has But it's not power in the traditional sense No, forget your egos and petty jealousies That's not power, that's a loss of power Because you might look like a giant, but your vibrations are weak And all it takes is for people to see you To REALLY see you

And *POOF* The illusion is exposed, and you're out in the open Naked and vulnerable, just another scared being Yes the hunter becomes the hunted The leader becomes a disciple Cause we're not dissimilar you and I No, we're the same


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