Grappler's Choice #27 - The Hurricane Returns!

So I was writing a comment to Gregory Helms (AKA The Hurricane) and was just generally thanking him for his hard work, and all the memories. When I had finished I came up with a crazy fantasy booking idea for him - should he return to the WWE for one more run. Considering his history as a cruiserweight champion, I figured it would be fitting to have him join the 205 Live brand, to elevate it further, and perhaps even to have one more run as champion.

Naturally, if he returns, it's gotta be as The Hurricane first. I would have him go on a winning streak on Raw for about a month, where he would eventually get into a feud with a heel such as Baron Corbin or Jinder Mahal. The heel would come out as the winner at the end of the feud (with a stipulation of removing The Hurricane's mask, or perhaps the heel would do it after the match). Alternatively, the heel doesn't have to win the match.

It might actually make more sense to have The Hurricane win the match, so that the heel rips off his mask in retaliation. After this, I would have The Hurricane off TV for a few weeks, with him (without his mask, as Shane Helms/Gregory Helms) returning to attack the heel during a match, accompanied by some wrestlers from NXT, costing the heel a victory. This would therefore continue the feud, but it would be a short one. Helms would beat down the heel brutally with his fellow stable members, but he would gp too far. Helms would stare at the hard camera, with a vicious, aggressive look and a sinister smile.

This stable would then turn up on 205 live, and would attack the cruiserweight champion, and Helms would say ''I'm not asking for an opportunity, I'm demanding it. You should feel honoured that I'm even gracing you with my presence. At Survivor Series, I'll be the one who survives, i'll be champion again, and I'll save this pathetic division from it's poor status. I'm the saviour, Helms is here, and your time is over!''

Helms would win the match, with assistance from his stable members, and would win the championship. This storyline would then play out in a similar fashion to how The Miz & The Miztourage one did, and would end after a few months in a similar way, except Helm's fellow stable members would turn on him and attack him during a title defense, and he would lose the championship consequently.

After a month, The Hurricane would return, and would feud with a heel on 205 live. The heel would mock him, and ask ''Why do you wear that mask and that ridiculous gear Gregory Helms?'' and The Hurricane would reply ''who dat?, I'm here to rid this world of your evil, but I gotta ask you, that terrible haircut - Whatsup wit dat?''. Each week would play out with comedic similar banter (I'm mainly thinking of the classic Raw feud between The Hurricane and Hollywood Rock here), with The Hurricane coming out on top in the first few matches, before losing in a brutal fashion (e.g. through an announce table).

I think this would be a good way for The Hurricane/Helms to go out. As all of the events in this fantasy storyline would play out within a 6-8 month period, so fans have experienced a range of different storylines with him. It would elevate 205 Live as a whole, and anyone who has matches with Helms. He would get to have a decent title reign, and this would also make the title more prestigious as a result.

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