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Jarod Shorrock | The Christian Reeve Podcast #232

In this episode, trainee games designer, actor and wrestling fan Jarod Shorrock joins the show to discuss 'Choc Chips' - a short film that Jarod & Christian appeared in together, his dream of becoming a games designer, his thoughts on modern wrestling, why he thinks the ruthless aggression era was the best era for wrestling, the problem with the lack of selling and non-impactful finishing moves, AEW's puzzling booking decisions, wrestlers being heels/faces in different countries, MJF being a face, fantasy booking ideas for MJF and Adam Cole, the future of AEW & WWE, the UFC/WWE merger under TKO, why you should watch wrestling, how he answers the ''why do you watch wrestling? it's fake!'' question, why wrestlers deserve more credit, and much more!

Bonus content from this episode:


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