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Nothing Is Real

--The Known World--

Nothing is real

It’s all a lie

Encouraging you to buy, buy, buy

A fake smile here, a performance there

But disturb the act, I do not dare

For it is the way of the world

And we all go along with what we’re told

But why do we buy into the lie?

Why are we sold on what we’re told?

When we know it’s just a facade

--The Unknown World--

Nothing is real

No matter what I feel

My senses betray me, and I cannot fly

Trapped inside my mind, until I die

With all the potential, untapped, and untouched

Some see the light, but cannot expose it

Some feel a rhythm, and flow like water

Some transcend it, imitating gods

As the world stands in ignorance, in sorrow, in disarray

Plagued by their illusion, living in dismay

Yet the answers lie behind so many closed doors

So remember, there are no worries, there are no flaws

There is only the truth, and the lies that hide it

And in this form perhaps it's easy to quit

And accept the comfortable, orchestrated lunacy

Rather than daring to reach forth and be free


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