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The One That's Left Out

The afterthought, the Kevin McAllister

The living ghost in a room full of dying pretenders

The one who is never asked to dance

The lone wolf rejected from the pack

It's hard being the one that's left out

When everyone is accounted for, everyone except for you

It's as though you do not count as a person

It's as though you do not exist

I think I'd rather be hated by all, than simply be forgotten or missed


Shout at me, tell me you hate me!

Punch me, berate me!

Get red in the face at the very sight of me!

Just please don't express apathy toward me!

Sometimes I wonder if it's just silly doubts

And other times that it could be people's own battles

But when I see the crowd leave without me

My fears and doubts are confirmed, again and again


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