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LIFE With Christian Reeve | #6 High School Memories

In this second part of a two-part episode on high school memories, I provide an update on my life, I discuss discusses punishments, difficult teachers, struggles with self-esteem and confidence, and the teachers who inspired me, plus so much more!

This show nearly didn't happen this month because of all the craziness in my life. Yet somehow, I pulled it off. You'd think that posting two pieces of content on Patreon per month wouldn't be that difficult, or keeping up with blog posts every time something is released, yet when you're balancing like 1500000 other things, it starts to become trickier.

I hope that what I'm putting out is enjoyable to a few people. Then I will know that I got something right. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this one. The rant at the beginning was like free therapy for me, I'm sure you'll love it aha.

With love,



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