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She's A Ghost | Christian Reeve Music

Capo 2

Verse: g, esus, cma7

Chorus: d, esus, g

Verse 1

Tried to call you last night but you ain't home

Sent you all my love but you ignore your phone

Well only when you see my name come up

You become a ghost and that's just my tough luck


She's a ghost x4

Verse 2

For a minute I was thinking that you were cool

Then I remembered that I was just being a fool

Another day, another text, another dream

Just another reason I lose all my self-esteem


She's a ghost x4

Verse 3

I know you text a dozen guys all the time

But you're the only girl I want in mine, my life

I know to you I'm just little bit of fun

But girl to me you are the only one


She's a ghost x4


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