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Upcoming Podcasts

For anyone that listens to the podcast and may be interested, here is the list of upcoming guests for the show and when their episodes will be recorded (may be subject to change)

If you have any questions for these guests, please send them over before these dates to my email:

Princess Etch - Etch-A-Sketch artist | March 10th

Dionna Zupparo - Stroke survivor and host of the 'A Stroke Of Luck' podcast | March 11th

Grace Catan - Writer & Public Speaker For Sexual Violence Awareness | March 12th

Greg Luce - Founder & CEO of Sinister Cinema | March 14th

Nancy Peterson - Professional Audio Narrator | March 18th

Nikki Smith - End Of Life Doula & Grief Coach | March 24th

Rick Ives - Film Editor & Stereo Correction Specialist - has worked on The Mandalorian, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Endgame, Ms. Marvel, Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Avengers: Infinity War, 47 Ronin, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Hugh etc | April 1st

Chris Eveland - Guitarist & Songwriter | April 7th

Ollie Blagden/ Ollie Read - TV Producer, DJ & Music Producer - has worked with Channel 4 & the BBC | April 14th

Ivi Acevedo - Sexual Assault Counselor - uses personal experience to coach and help people | April 21st

Brett James Coburn (Brett Underwood) - Actor | April 24th

Robert Dunk - Clinical & Standup Hyponotist | April 28th

Bella Molloy - Cycling enthusiast & business owner who competed in the Normandicat 900 | May 5th

Ryan Estrada - Artist, author, and adventurer | June 3rd

Pepper Anne - True crime author | June (date TBC)

3 Year Podcast Anniversary show | July 20th

Buckmeister - comic book writer & content creator | July 21st


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