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Vanessa The Vivacious | The Christian Reeve Podcast #193

I get the absolute privilege to meet inspiring, wonderful people all the time on this podcast, and this episode was a great example of that. Vanessa is the managing director at 'Are You Happy?' a brand that gets people to travel around the world and ask people about happiness and life.

I'd previously appeared on Vanessa's podcast - the 'Are You Happy? Podcast', and we'd had a great conversation, so when she reached out to me about appearing on my show, I figured it'd be a good opportunity to explore her background.

Throughout our conversation in this episode, I found that Vanessa is an incredibly hardworking and motivated individual, who has faced some real struggles in life but has never allowed that to stop her.

As a result, she has become a real success in her field and is promoting a brand that actively seeks to spread happiness and joy to others. This episode features a lot of life lessons and advice that you'll wanna hear.

Check it out here:


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