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Vanessaandheriphone | The Christian Reeve Podcast #194

This was a powerful episode. Vanessa's mother had recently passed away, and I reached out to her a day before the show was due to be recorded to offer my condolences and to ask if she wanted to reschedule her appearance on the show.

Vanessa still wanted to appear, and so we went ahead with the show. We didn't focus on that in the episode, but we did briefly talk about it and Vanessa did mention her mother throughout the episode through the memories she had, and other experiences that related to her.

It was amazing that she was able to come on the show and be strong during what is understandably a different period in her life. Once the show was over, Vanessa was happy with how it turned out, and in particular, the fact that it had brought her some happiness.

For that, I am especially grateful. As much as I want the show to be entertaining and informative, it's important to me that my guests get something positive from the experience, and it certainly seemed that Vanessa did, so that was awesome to see.

Regarding the subject matter itself, we dived into all things Tarot and spirituality. Vanessa guided us through the red flags to look out for with potential scam artists online who offer Tarot readings, how dowsing rods are used, the benefits of Tarot, her thoughts and feelings on the medium and spirituality, and much more.


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