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Above all else, the most important thing to me is to make other people happy with the things that I create. When I started writing music, poetry, acting and so on, I did so with only myself in mind. I had thoughts like ''perhaps I will make lots of money, perhaps I will be famous'' etc.


Eventually I matured and realised that there is so much more to life than material possessions, or the adoration of others. Now, I simply create to provide myself with an outlet (a form of self-therapy) and to hopefully connect and relate to other people.

Therefore, instead of making a pitch encouraging you to support me, I simply ask that if you enjoy my content and wish to support me, please feel free to do so via the button above.

Alternatively, do need feel compelled to either. Additionally, if you do choose to donate, please know that your donations will go towards my goal of one day making this my career.

So thank you for your donations, for reading, for listening, and for watching.

I wish you all the positivity in the world!