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If you've landed here, chances are that you want to hire me, or are interested in the services that I provide. Or maybe you're interested in my educational background? or my work experience? Luckily, this page provides information for all of the above, together with some useful links.


Acting Services

I am an aspiring actor and have acted in a variety of projects since 2015. I have acted in several short films, feature films, and several independent movies. Furthermore, I have also appeared in various commercials internationally. I have assumed lead roles as well as 'extra' roles in these projects. I am always looking for new projects to take on. I love to challenge myself, to meet new people, and to create excellent content. I am open to all types of roles, so please contact me with your ideas!


Writing Services

Why hire me? What makes me different to the thousands (perhaps even tens of thousands?) of other copywriters and content writers out there?

Well, it's very simple. While most people will list endless skills and abilities they have, painting the picture of a 'perfect person', I'm more interested in keeping things simple. I am looking for work to build my copywriting/content writing portfolio, because I enjoy writing, and for the opportunity to be creative and work with lots of different people from around the world.


I love building and creating things and then seeing those same things succeed. I don't see any point in producing things simply to make a quick profit, or to spam websites with useless, meaningless content. Just like plants, I believe good content takes time to grow and develop into something truly special.


Whilst I'm not saying that I can't meet deadlines or deliver content within a tight schedule, what I am saying is that, to me, it's imperative that all the content I produce is the very best that it can be, and that this is the most important thing to me, above all else. For myself, and for YOU, the client. 


I am open to anything, so whatever you're looking for, I am certain that I can provide you with the services that you require.  This is so much more than work for me, it's an obsession, to be the absolute best that I can be, and to provide you with top-quality content and copy, that improves your reputation, that brings you new customers, that rewards your existing clients, and to simply create content for people to enjoy!

What I'm seeking

I am a freelance marketing professional, seeking opportunities to showcase my professional copywriting skills, and content writing skills. I am also able to offer extensive experience in SEO, Google Analytics, ad copy, and more.


While I am open to all requests, I am predominately seeking freelance copywriter contracts and content writing contracts in particular, and prefer to work on a contract-by-contract basis. So, whether you are looking for a copywriter to take on a specific project, or you just want to hire someone to create website content, I am confident that I will be able to provide you with the services that you require.


My freelance services include: editing, backlinking, writing copy, researching, proofreading, custom writing, producing web content, optimizing content for SEO, creating social media posts, performing keyword research, creating & designing newsletters, generating new content ideas, developing meta titles and meta descriptions, using Google Analytics to generate reports, analyzing statistics, and optimizing content.




I have experience creating content for various international companies including GiveMeSport,

Rost Traffic OÜ, Estonian World, Hot Juice Freelance, Vorld and Admiral Markets AS. The content I have created has covered a range of topics including cryptocurrency, fintech, financial services, professional wrestling, pets, online gambling, lifestyle blogging, and living and working in different countries to name a few.




I have a bachelor of science degree in Management with Marketing from Royal Holloway, University of London, a business diploma from Uxbridge College, and various other business qualifications that I have received from disparate institutions. If you would like to find out more, check out my CV.


Contact Christian


I am open to all opportunities, so please contact me with your request, and let's create something memorable together. You can contact me via the email addresses provided below. If you would like further information regarding my previous work experience and educational background, you can find this information via my Linkedin profile, or through my CV.



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