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Interviewing is an art form. How many shows have you listened to where the interviewer simply wasn't listening?


Perhaps they were too busy setting up for their next question. Or maybe, they were just waiting for their opportunity to speak. Or more than likely, they're too busy interrupting their guest's stories to set up their own story.

Now imagine a show where the interviewer is as engaged in the conversation as YOU the listener. Imagine a show where the interviewer is excited and passionate about each and every topic, and each and every guest.

Christian has mastered the art of interviewing, and brings to you a show where every interview and discussion has something to offer. Whether it's a deep dive into a particular topic, exploring a person's inspiring life story, learning about a fascinating career, or simply laughing uncontrollably, this show has it all.

You can watch clips from the podcast via the following platforms:

You can listen to the podcast here or via the following platforms:

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