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Realising you are the problem & dropping the blame game

Firstly, I would like to start this blog post off by saying that I have decided to include personal realisations and understandings from my own life in this blog. Whenever I would try to create a blog in the past, I would always have the issue of not having anything interesting to discuss, or perhaps, not having the imagination to capture it within a blog. With that being said, I feel confident writing now. Whether or not what I write is in any way entertaining or engaging to read is another story, then again, I did learn some time ago that if you are creating things solely for the purpose of impressing others, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. So to get to the point, I will be includin

Learning languages

I have decided to start learning Estonian, German and Russian simultaneously in my free time. I made this decision after having a conversation with an Estonian before a job interview, wherein I was discussing why I am learning Estonian and why I think it is important to learn languages in general. I made the point that learning several languages is very important in terms of conducting business internationally, and that I am surprised that when I was growing in the UK, it was not a priority for people to learn additional languages (this has since changed). All in all, after this conversation I realised I had made the same points about languages in several conversations with various people, a

#8 Englishman In Estonia - Working & Job Hunting in Estonia

Job hunting in Estonia Ever since I graduated from university in England back in July I have been searching for a role within my field of marketing. To decide if I’ve been successful or unsuccessful in this pursuit really comes down to a matter of perspective. Before I began job hunting, people I would speak to about it would always tell me something along the lines of ‘‘it takes time, you have to keep trying and don’t be disheartened if you fail’’. With this quote in mind, I have largely failed in this pursuit, from this particular perspective. However, when considering the experiences as a whole, both in England and Estonia, I personally feel that I have had a lot of success too. Yes, I’m

Welcome to my new website!

This is the new spot for my future blog posts, poetry releases and news, articles and other news concerning my projects. I will keep my previous blog ( available online for access to my older blog posts, for anyone who would like to read them. I created this website as a hub for all my projects, social media and news. I hope you enjoy my future content! - Christian Reeve Hi there, thank you for reading this article. If you enjoy my work and would like to help me out, you can do so by donating to my Paypal via the following link: I don't earn revenue for what I write, I purely do this for the fun of writing and providing peo

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