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Grappler's Choice #25 - Bray Wyatt Returns

Right now we have the perfect opportunity to bring back Bray Wyatt with a fresh feel. Unfortunately, Bray Wyatt has lost some of his mystique owing to continual losses and poor booking over the last few years. To rectify this I have come up with some fantasy booking ideas that could allow Bray's character to grow once again. Bray joins the Hardy Boyz This feels to me like natural progression. Having Bray join the Hardy Boyz would add a new element to his character, and it makes sense in terms of the similarities that the characters share. I would turn the Hardy Boyz heel, and have them mistreat Bray. The idea coming out of this would be to eventually turn Bray babyface by having him fight ba

Grappler's Choice #24 - Braun Strowman Fantasy Booking

I have seen many complaints online that Braun Strowman has not received a singles match for Wrestlemania 34, but I think this recent angle involving Strowman and the Raw Tag Team division could be a golden opportunity for a fantastic story line. I think this could play out one of two ways as well, so here's some fantasy booking ideas. Braun becomes champion Imagine the pop Braun Strowman would receive if he won the Raw tag team championships at Wrestlemania 34 completely by himself! I think it could lay the foundations for an interesting angle that could begin on the Raw after Wrestlemania too. Braun could come out during the show and cut a small promo, saying something along the lines of ''

Grappler's Choice #23 - Ridiculous Fantasy Booking Idea & Ronda Rousey Presentation

*I wrote this article prior to Ronda Rousey’s debut and subsequent few appearances in WWE* So yet again, here’s an idea that came from a tweet I sent out recently. First of all, this isn’t a serious fantasy booking idea, just a bit of fun, so bear that in mind if you make any comments. I’m not sure when this story line would occur, but I have two people in mind to be part of Ronda’s entourage, and one of them depends on the contract status of Brock Lesnar after Wrestlemania. Can you guess who it is? Lame jokes side, I would either have Drew Gulak (the reason for which will become apparent later in this post) or Paul Heyman to act as the spokesperson for Ronda. Again, all will be explained mo

Grappler's Choice #22 - Curt Hawkins Fantasy Booking (Alternative Storyline Idea)

Setting up the angle So today I have come up with an alternative way to book a brief storyline concerning Curt Hawkins’ losing streak, so let’s delve straight into it. Firstly, the end result will be exactly the same as what I wrote in Grappler’s Choice #21, Curt Hawkins comes out in winning form again at the end of the angle. I consider this to be really important, because while it is pretty interesting and unique to have such a high losing streak, you’ve gotta consider the longevity of all gimmicks, and in my opinion, unless something interesting is going to be introduced into this current storyline soon (e.g. the career ending match I mentioned in #21), I don’t see how you can continue to

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