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Change is strange

There are many things that have changed between when I was a kid and the present day. Many of the things that have changed are the likes and dislikes I have where food is concerned. For example, I detested tuna and Marmite when I was a child, yet I like these things now. Sure, there is a simple explanation for this (that the palate of a person changes over time), but I think that for other things it is not that simple. Music taste When I was younger I was obsessed with Rock, Heavy Metal, and various alternative or underground music genres. I wouldn't listen to anything else, and could not understand why people listened to mainstream Pop and R'N'B. Now I find myself listening not only to the

Looking back and looking forward

I was going through some old articles I wrote 2-3 years ago and discovered a mixed collection in regards to quality. It was difficult reading some of them because they were quite frankly cringe worthy, but it made me start thinking about how much things change over time when we are working on them constantly. I personally feel that it's important to continuously improve yourself in every aspect of your life, and to never settle. Perfection is impossible, but that doesn't mean that striving to achieve excellence should ever become a secondary thought. Humans have achieved incredible things through perseverance, stubbornness and sheer will to attain success. For these reasons, I consider that

Writer's Block & Posting For The Sake Of Posting

I think the title of this blog post says it all, but still, today I would like to discuss the aforementioned topics as they are related and I consider this to be an important issue in regards to content creation online. I've had writer's block in the past and I have it again right now. But as usual, the idea of writing the post I'm writing now came naturally. It wasn't forced, nor did I sit thinking about what to write. It is my personal view that all the best ideas come at different times, so you've just got to be patient. I am a big fan of Youtube and subscribe to many different channels that produce varied content. I've been using Youtube since the very beginning and even have my own chan

#10 Englishman In Estonia - Some places to visit in Tallinn!

Today's blog is a little short, but I just wanted to mention some of the places I like to go when I'm in Tallinn. The following list is in no particular order but it does feature some of my favourite places to visit.There are plenty of places to visit that are fantastic, but these ones are definitely some of my 'go-to' places when I'm there. Let me know what you think of these places or anywhere you recommend in particular! 1. Pizza Americana I thoroughly enjoying eating at this pizza restaurant. They have many disparate options in terms of toppings, two agreeable size options (medium and large) and they offer a varied selection of drinks. It's pretty cool that you can purchase coffee, beer,

#9 Englishman In Estonia - Muusika Eestis!

(Pictured: Marten Kuningas) I could write forever about music in Estonia. How important it is to people here, how diverse, innovative and original it is and so much more. Given that I have only been visiting Estonia over the past two years (although now living here) I am certainly no expert, but I wanted to briefly discuss some of my favourite artists here. The first two artists I was introduced to were Marten Kuningas and Vaiko Eplik. These two musicians are quite similar in terms of sound and genre. Until I had visited Estonia I had never heard music like this before. I love listening to music like this though, these musicians remind me a little of two of my favourite artists from the Unit

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