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Selling Your Character & Method-Acting

So the idea for this blog post came from a tweet I was going to send to a professional wrestler, specifically ‘Matt Hardy’, but I then saw a link between the method-acting that is prevalent in the film industry, and the character/gimmicks that are portrayed in the professional wrestling industry. Therefore, I opted to write an article about it instead. For a few years Matt Hardy has been invested in a new character/gimmick which is a major departure from the previous characters he has played. Matt has been very successful with this particular character and I think that predominantly comes down to his commitment to the role and not ‘breaking kayfabe’ (an industry term for not breaking charact

Grappler's Choice #21 - Fantasy Booking for Curt Hawkins

As of January 2018, Curt Hawkins reached over 150 losses. It’s pretty awesome that this losing streak has led to merchandise commemorating this achievement, as well as, a general increase in popularity for him. Scenarios to break the streak The losing streak gave me a fantasy booking idea for Curt Hawkins that could capitalise on this particular accomplishment. At some point, It is likely that Curt Hawkins will overcome the losing streak and start winning again. When this occurs, I think WWE should consider a story-line angle wherein Curt is challenged by some authority figure or other wrestler to a match whereby, if Curt loses, he must leave the company. Prior to this occurrence, Curt could

Addressing Criticism

It is difficult to take criticism seriously in this day and age, given that the internet is full of ‘‘trolls’’ (people who deliberately write inappropriate, negative comments to cause offence, to provoke and to attract attention to themselves), and the media, who write fake news stories and provoke people in order to create fictional, controversial stories, and to sway public opinion to false perceptions of reality. With that in mind, I always approach criticism with caution, simply because I can never be 100% certain that it is in fact sincere. Recently I received negative comments on an article I posted. The person was sincere and clearly offended by what I had written. I recognized this a

Grappler's Choice #20 - Mixed Tag Team & Women's Tag Team Championships

I have written about my desire to see women’s tag team championships in WWE before, but after some recent polls I put out on Twitter asking people if they’d like to see the mixed or women’s tag team belts, and then receiving positive responses in regards to this, I thought I would write about it again in greater detail. So here’s my thoughts on why WWE should consider introducing these titles. Current rosters So as I am writing this and checking this on (06/02/18), Raw currently has 11 female wrestlers (including Paige, as this is somewhat of a question mark in regards to whether or not she will be able to compete again in the future. I sincerely hope she will able to, but sources online see

The Importance of Sticking With Things

''Practice makes perfect’’ We all know that classic saying, and yet, actually sticking with something through good times and bad can be quite tricky for some of us. Whilst going through old videos for my ‘‘Youtube channel’’ (if you could really call it that) and deleting them, I realised that some things in my life I have simply not stuck with, and as a result, they have become failures. Sure, my ideas for videos were terrible, but everyone is terrible when they start anything, you can’t read classic literature if you can’t even read! The point is, you’ve gotta keep going and continue to learn whilst failing. Nobody learns by winning, only by making mistakes. Writing is currently the main th

Grappler’s Choice #19 - Ronda Rousey Vs Asuka Survivor Series 2018 (Streak Vs Streak - Fantasy Booki

After a long hiatus of 20 months (the last Grappler’s Choice blog post was May 22nd 2016!) I decided to bring Grappler’s Choice back with some fantasy booking. I don’t know how regular these will be, but whenever I have something that I want to voice about wrestling, or some ideas I have for booking, I will post them here. Just like another blog post I wrote recently, the idea for this post came out of a small tweet I was planning to make on Twitter. This blog seemed to write itself. I hope you like my ideas, and please let me know your thoughts on how Ronda & Asuka should be booked going forward! I thought about this match being saved till Wrestlemania 35, but I felt that the fantasy bookin

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