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You can't half-ass it I mean, you can, but With a half-assed mentality You'll get a half-assed result And with half-assed commitment You'll get a half-assed result Maybe you'll get no results Maybe you won't get a full experience And worst of all, maybe you won't learn anything Maybe, just maybe, don't half-ass it

Death Is Beautiful

As I looked up at the trees, with their dying leaves I realised, death is beautiful All the colours gifted by death Yes, there's no doubt, death is beautiful No one likes endings, I understand, I hate them too But without them there are no beginnings, no appreciation of what was Yes, absolutely, no question of a doubt, death is beautiful It's a transformation, not condemnation, it's the circle of all things Yes I'll embrace it when it comes, today, tomorrow, or some other distant day Because life is a glorious ride, and death simply ends this particular ride So on the final day I won't be crying, I'll simply be saying "death is beautiful"

Hate Me And You'll Hate Yourself

Ain't no value in your pocket friend Least not to me Ain't no value in your status either I couldn't care less Ain't no reason to compete with me I want you to do well Ain't no reason to hate me You'd just be hating yourself

Just Before The War

I fear it The coming times There is no shame in that It would be foolish not to I feel it The calls to battle Here or there, or anywhere They are coming And I know I must be ready For whatever might come And I know I must be strong For there’s nowhere to run And I know I must find them And take back what is ours And I know I must destroy them And make them feel fear


Sometimes when I'm alone I feel sadness overcome me Like how the tide covers the beach I simply miss the warmth of others Their presence is gone And a part of me is gone too Replaced with an emptiness It is my greatest weakness A curse on us all And at times, the darkness overwhelms me And I am consumed by it

Her Candle Don't Burn No More

Her candle don't burn no more And I dismissed the flame when it burned bright I distinguished any chance of sharing her fire And now I'll never get to know how bright it burnt

Well Of Negativity

I'm drowning in a well of negativity Suffocating, nauseating, incapacitating I'm drowning in a well of negativity Swimming, falling, crawling I'm drowning in a well of negativity Scared, ensnared, ill-prepared

If Nothing Else

If nothing else, I gave it my all And if nothing else, I got up after every fall If nothing else, I made you all smile And if nothing else, you were happy for awhile If nothing else, I did all that I could And if nothing else, I did what I should If nothing else, I lived life my way And if nothing else, I made the most of each day

Your Life Is A Sickness

I might as well be a ghost here I might as well disappear You talk amongst yourselves as though I'm not here Yes when I leave no one will shed a tear But that's all good, I just don't understand you You just need someone new Someone who will simply nod and comply Yes someone who will never try To move past you, or outperform you You're just terrified of what I might do What a tragic life you own I pity you, scared to fall from your throne See what you have is a sickness A terrible illness And the worst part is that you cannot see the issue For you, this is life, and you are torn so easily, like broken tissue

My Hatred For You

My hatred for you knows no boundaries It's like a rising tide, becoming more dangerous every time you speak My hatred for you has no limits It gets stronger every time I see your face And I'm reminded of yet another mistake in our race My hatred for you is only increasing It's probably better for you to simply avoid me You don't wanna know how I feel about you It's primal, it could be devastating, and you wouldn't know what to do

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