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#12 Englishman In Estonia - Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt

Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt (Your Face Sounds Familiar) is an Estonian TV program that features various Estonian actors, actresses, and singers. I came across it last year and thoroughly enjoyed watching it. It reminded me of a program I used to watch many years ago when I was a child called ''Stars In Their Eyes''. It ran for many years and was a popular show in the UK before it eventually ended. Image source: Televeeb - Singer ''Elina Born'' performing on Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt It was exactly the same as Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt in terms of the fact that various celebrities would portray their favourite singers. However, Su Nägu Kõlab Tuttavalt differs in terms of the fact that the same celebr

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