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Overwhelming Doubt

Can I do it? Do I have it within me? My doubts are telling me I cannot definitively But more than that, I feel it too A feeling of sickness, what more can I do? I must gain control, or I'll forever be controlled I must change this, so my story can unfold But the doubt is overwhelming, it shackles me And while I know the key lies within my mind, simply knowing does not set me free It's like asking a dying man to accept a new reality, despite living without it through the years He may know he must accept it, perhaps he has always known, but time and practice would be the best way to defeat his fears

Stuck In The Past

I'm stuck in the past And everything's moving so fast Accepting these changes is no easy task Because before things were simpler, and now they are hard And I can reach five years past in a matter of a yard And I often catch myself lost within a memory Feeling completely detached from the world like a demaree Time moves faster and faster, often passing me by And I'm frightened by it's speed, as I gaze upon my own reflection, that which I try to deny Because he cannot be me, but he is me, it's clear to see And with all the changes occurring every minute, the only link to the past lies within memory

Here We Go Again

Uh-oh! here we go again! With the sickness all over, and the self-imposed den That is what comes to me, the story I see Though it could be from elsewhere, but most likely from me It could last hours, or it could last days And it could affect me in a hundred different ways It's like a rain cloud that does not move until the damage is done It's laughable to think you'll get away if you run But what strikes me as curious is my happiness later It was strong before, but afterwards it will be greater And that's the circle that exists in my life Yes in my life, happiness and sorrow are rife Like ying and yang, they must coexist So I'll simply twist, and I won't resist I couldn't if I wanted to, I c

The Doors

Behind the doors were choices One, two, three, and four Behind the doors were promises Of love, of hate, of peace, and of war The man had two choices One good, and one bad To provide balance in despite of his beliefs For some to thrive, others must suffer And he screamed at the sky "Why must it be so?, why I cannot achieve serenity with my choices" And the voice within reminded him "One day it shall not be so"

Wonderful Life

It is wonderful to be alive Despite all my troubles and woes It is wonderful to be alive No matter what life throws It is wonderful to be alive Even when I am I full of sorrow It is wonderful to be alive I simply remember the gift of tomorrow

The Daily Scene

The daily scene before me Is like a computer system Designed to work in such a way And to break from time to time The daily scene before me Is like a popularity contest Everybody takes their place So that others may rise and preside The daily scene before me Is like the erosion of cliffs It does not happen overnight But you can see the changes The daily scene before me Is like a horror movie The ones where you cannot decide Who is the villain or killer? Many would have you believe That our daily scene is a fairy tale Where everybody has their place And we all work for the good of the land And to them I would say Look at the jigsaw And not just the pieces Because you cannot see the full pictu


When they said words were weapons I thought it to be poetic When they shared this notion amongst themselves I thought it to be harmless But now I see a new reality New interpretation if you will For the power that exists within these words Can be as damaging as a shotgun And many are completely unaware Of this influence they possess For they can hurt you with such great power And never touch you for a single moment

Fire & Fury

Fire and fury go hand in hand And nothing I say is particularly grand Because you've heard this before A million times or more But the connection is something I adore The fire raging deep inside For me, right now, is impossible to hide It takes over, and I disappear And I am met with complete destruction when I reappear I try so hard, but I break and lose control And the unstoppable anger takes its toll Sometimes slowly, and I feel it rising through me Sometimes in a flash, and it becomes me

The Core

Deep in the core Deeply rooted within That's where you'll find the answers Not in textbooks Nor acquisitions How can that possibly move you? Deep within Beyond ourselves Find that which moves you at your core Not simple existence Nor by instruction Why shouldn't you be selfish?

The Clash Of Worlds

I've walked down many roads And seen many different trees I've basked in the beaming sunshine light And shivered in the coldest winter winds From man-made tarmac To nature's walkways I've walked on both From the eerie silence of the desert air To the deafening noise of the city I've heard them too From vast oceans to tiny lakes From peaceful farms to orange states I thrive in the differences, the contrasts and different worlds For I could never be a hermit, standing still at all times These feet were made to walk and to explore To learn and experience forever more

Flying Far, Far Far Away

Flying far, far far away Into the clouds, jetting away Flying far, far far away Searching for the higher level Where the spirits play Flying far, far far away Seeking peace and tranquillity For even just one day Flying far, far far away To fly into the unknown and soar in the skies To have all the answers and know the way To fly above everything with simply innocent eyes To have seen it all and have nothing left to ask, nothing left to say To be flying far, far far away

Love Me

Love me when I make you smile Love me even when I defile Love me when I make you sad Love me when I make you mad Love me if I make you cry Love me and don't ask me why Love me when it gets too rough Love me when it gets too tough Love me when I lose hope Love me and I won’t touch the rope Love me when the world crashes down Love me and make me a laughing clown

Thanks For The Shot

Thanks for the shot I'll give it all that I've got Till there's nothing left Till the day I rot Thanks for the chance I'll walk, I’ll run, and I’ll dance I'll give something great Something to enhance

Into Perspective

Oh no the seat is broken! And yet the world is not over Oh my the plate smashed! And yet things do not cease to be Oh no those people do not like me! And yet I still go on, curious... Nothing happens, nothing changes Oh god I can't go on! And yet I am still breathing Oh god I can't go on! And yet I still wake up every morning Oh god I can't go on! And yet I still open my eyes


"This lesson isn't over" the wise man said "But I've heard this one already!" The young man said "This lesson is never over" the wise man said "But all things have an ending" the young man said "Your life has no ending" the wise man said "But it had a beginning" the young man said "There is no beginning, and there is no end" the wise man said "But that doesn't make sense!" The young man said "Your life, your lessons, they have no ending, the circle goes on and on." "Life is many lessons, some easy and some hard, but all are necessary" "Choose to learn, or choose not to, it's all up to you" the wise man said.


If you feel as though you’re dying inside Losing your mind These feelings won’t subside You’ve been left behind There’s nowhere to hide If there exists a wound in your pride It is most likely making you blind To your truth that you must find To yourself be brilliant, be kind


There are not many constants in this life But many conclusions, beginnings, and everything in between Even the love that remains for a millennia will end when the last breathe is taken So where are the constants? Perhaps they lie in the feelings that never change In the settings that remain beautiful at every glance And in the human condition, at it's very best

Future Self

Do a favour, do it now Do it for your future self Get it done, get it out of the way Do it for your future self Don't leave it for later, don't push it aside Do it for your future self Look after now, right now and take care of all your things Do it for your future self

Never Waste Words

Never waste words, the elder said As he trawled over the bodies of the dead Some coveted honour, and others pride In the end it did not matter, they all died The observers, great thinkers and introverts alike Were the survivors in the great fight But not just in this war, in the battles before They were the ones escaping the floor

Isn’t It Funny?

Isn't it funny how much they care? Isn't it funny how they cry out in despair? Isn't it funny because none of it matters? Isn't it funny because in the end this world shatters? Isn't funny how they argue and fight? Isn't it funny how they obsess over who’s right? Isn't it funny when you take a seat and just observe? Isn't it funny how people lose their nerve? Isn't it funny when they care what others might say? Isn't it funny how they choose what to portray? Isn't it funny how they never stop just to look, or stop just to listen? Isn't it funny that they never notice the sun glisten?

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