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Here We Go Again

Uh-oh! here we go again!

With the sickness all over, and the self-imposed den

That is what comes to me, the story I see

Though it could be from elsewhere, but most likely from me

It could last hours, or it could last days

And it could affect me in a hundred different ways

It's like a rain cloud that does not move until the damage is done

It's laughable to think you'll get away if you run

But what strikes me as curious is my happiness later

It was strong before, but afterwards it will be greater

And that's the circle that exists in my life

Yes in my life, happiness and sorrow are rife

Like ying and yang, they must coexist

So I'll simply twist, and I won't resist

I couldn't if I wanted to, I couldn't if I tried

It wouldn't matter, even if in every moment I cried


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