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Grappler's Choice #29 - Brock In The Bank!

It's funny, while most people seemed outraged at Brock Lesnar winning the Money In The Bank match, I thought it was quite entertaining and that this could lead to some entertaining TV moving forward. The only criticism I had with this was actually more to do with the setup of it all. Brock randomly ran out to the ring towards the end of the match and just won it straight away. While I am aware of the backstage story that involved Sami Zayn being tied up and therefore making him unable to compete in the match, as well as the blame being pinned on Braun Strowman (with the implication being that Brock Lesar carried this out, but it was not spelled out in an obvious way), I feel that it would ha

Grappler's Choice #28 - AEW Double Or Nothing

Hi everyone, it's been awhile! I had to write about this event, but I wanted to keep my thoughts short and sweet, because I really feel as though people should just go and watch this straight away. Wrestling is art, and art is subjective, but in my opinion, AEW Double Or Nothing was nothing short of spectacular. I went into the PPV with an open mind, but I didn't truly know what to expect. There are many different types of wrestling available in 2019, each catering to a different part of the wrestling community. Some wrestling companies focus solely on one particular style, while others blend and try to cater to different types of interests. I've always been a WWE fan, even when it's been po

Dark Days

On the dark days When the soul pays I'm looking for some light Some hope, it's just a phase "It's not forever" I tell myself "These are just dark days" I tell myself But why don't I listen? I have all the answers I see them written on walls And deep within my heart I'm the heart and soul of the party Until the dark days Then I just want to run away But you cannot outrun the dark days

First Ever Spoken Word Gig!

I recently performed at a spoken word & music event in Tallinn, Estonia for the very first time! It was in a pretty quirky speakeasy bar in the city centre, and was full of a bunch of interesting people. It was fantastic to hear poetry, stories, and music from people from around the world. At some point towards the end of the evening (and after I had consumed a couple of beers) I decided to try it out myself. It was a slightly nerve-wracking experience, as I hadn't performed on stage since 2015, and I had never performed poetry before either. Luckily, the crowd were kind and receptive, and I felt comfortable almost immediately. I was also able to get some photos and videos from the event (wh

Send Me On That Ship

Send me on that ship So I can set my own sails And feel the warm breeze Carrying me away Send me on that ship And don't worry if I drown I will not fight it I will only sink with contentment The waves will guide me The wind will carry me The sun will shine on me The moon will comfort me The sky will watch over me The great beyond will wait for me Send me on that ship And send me home Send me on that ship And send me home


Loneliness is a funny thing It creeps up from within One moment you are basking in sunshine The next you are sinking It pulls you down, it tears you up It makes you think you're out of luck It's a silent killer, suffered by all Many battle, sadly some fall I write this feeling lonely and sad But I am not angry, no I am not mad Perhaps I'm deserving, of being alone Of desperately seeking communication on the phone But I cannot bear all, it is not done It is not fair, it is not fun To burden others with my sorrow No theirs must be a happy tomorrow Loneliness and sadness are healing, or so I hear Good for the soul, to shed a tear Because you cannot have one without the other You cannot have hap

Journey's End

My journey has ended I have taken my final step My struggles are over As I take my final breathe No longer will I shed a tear For my worries and my sadness No longer will I disappear When my thoughts drive me to madness

Clones No More

I do not care for a copy An imitation or a fraud I care for something special An enigma , a sword I do not care for borrowed words Borrowed quotes and phrases I care for new revelations Not predetermined phases

Hell Within

When I close my eyes The whole world dies Everyone I loathe, everyone I despise The gates to hell upon wide And claim all who commit to reside The mockery, the humor, it disappears The jokers exposed to all their fears And when I close my eyes I am surprised For I give no mercy or forgiveness That responsible person, now remiss

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