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Rear-view Mirror

You're in my rear-view mirror And with each day that passes You get further and further away Right now I can feel you But in time, it'll be weaker Till one day I'll forget you Though I won't forget you completely And to remember you I'll need assistance A picture, a memory, or the utterance of your name Yes, you're in my rear-view mirror And that's where you should be Cause I'm living in the now, and you're a chapter in the story

Points Of Awareness

*In tribute to D.I - your messages are eye-opening and invaluable* We are vehicles for experience Vessels sailing in the sea The sea of infinity We are vehicles for experience Points of awareness, despite closed eyes Aware or otherwise We are vehicles for experience Perceiving a reality One in a million and our perception is insanity

Life Got In The Way

I'm sorry I couldn't make it in today Life got in the way I'm sorry I missed your call, I'll get back to you Life got in the way again You keep pushing me, I'm just trying to be polite I mean it when I say "life got in the way" It's not an excuse, it's just one of those things The real reasons might shock you, and I don't want to burden you, so I just keep saying "life got in the way" Fine, you pushed me far enough So here we go again The trains were delayed, then they shut them all down And there ain't no cabs in this part of town My grandma died, my car broke down and they won't insure me cause they can't make more money out of me After everything I gave them, when I really needed them, th

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