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Life Got In The Way

I'm sorry I couldn't make it in today

Life got in the way

I'm sorry I missed your call, I'll get back to you

Life got in the way again

You keep pushing me, I'm just trying to be polite

I mean it when I say "life got in the way"

It's not an excuse, it's just one of those things

The real reasons might shock you, and I don't want to burden you, so I just keep saying "life got in the way"

Fine, you pushed me far enough

So here we go again

The trains were delayed, then they shut them all down

And there ain't no cabs in this part of town

My grandma died, my car broke down and they won't insure me cause they can't make more money out of me

After everything I gave them, when I really needed them, they said no cause they can

My wife left me, and I'm fighting for custody

Doctor says I'm Ill and my pills aren't strong enough

Haven't spoken to my parents in a really long time

And when I ask the universe for help I'm simply met with silence

Yeah everything's crazy right now, and I gotta handle it, so maybe I'm late once in a while

I don't want your pity, and I don't wanna hear the jargon

Have a heart, you're not a machine

Here's what you been pushing me for, I hope you're happy

And to think, if you'd just understood me when I said "life got in the way"


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