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The Importance of Sticking With Things

''Practice makes perfect’’

We all know that classic saying, and yet, actually sticking with something through good times and bad can be quite tricky for some of us. Whilst going through old videos for my ‘‘Youtube channel’’ (if you could really call it that) and deleting them, I realised that some things in my life I have simply not stuck with, and as a result, they have become failures. Sure, my ideas for videos were terrible, but everyone is terrible when they start anything, you can’t read classic literature if you can’t even read!

The point is, you’ve gotta keep going and continue to learn whilst failing. Nobody learns by winning, only by making mistakes. Writing is currently the main thing I am doing right now, and i’ve been doing it on/off for three years now. I feel as though I am seeing improvements in what I’m writing, and my work has been featured on several websites which means that other people are recognizing some merit in it. But as a very annoying, funny, former colleague of mine once said while we were playing a game of pool ‘‘You’re only as good as your last game’’. That has stuck with me ever since, and I try to remember it whenever I create anything new.

My regrets here are concerned solely with my failure to continue my Youtube channel. I’ve made excuses to myself as to why I haven’t continued with it, and why I’ve let it become a static page. One day I will get hold of the right equipment and pursue Youtube properly, as I’ve always intended to do.

In defense of myself, and the only excuse I will offer that I consider justifiable for not continuing to produce content, is that I simply never had any good ideas, so I would try to force them. What I ended up producing was cringe-worthy and simply terrible. Just like I mentioned in another recent blog post, I think it is very important to only produce content when it is original in some way (i.e. completely new, or a new creative spin on an existing idea) and when the ideas themselves are good.

Unfortunately I’ve never had anything interesting to offer on Youtube besides music, which in fairness is something I have not put as much effort into as I could have. But the music content remains there, because it is at least natural and something I actually enjoy (by natural I simply mean that it wasn’t forced in any way).

In summary, when the time is right and I do eventually return to creating videos, it will be with something I believe in, that is fun and that I can dedicate my time to fully. I’ve always thought that it’s very clear when something hasn’t had much time and effort put into it, and I do not want my work to present this kind of image. But it’s more for myself than it is for anyone else. I am not producing for others anymore, I produce for myself, to make myself happy and I think that is the key behind producing something worthwhile that people can connect with and gain something thing from. It has to be REAL, and not simply something that is vying for attention or there to make money.

- Christian Reeve

Hi there, thank you for reading this article. If you enjoy my work and would like to help me out, you can do so by donating to my Paypal via the following link: I don't earn revenue for what I write, I purely do this for the fun of writing and providing people with something interesting to read. Anything you donate is a major help to me, and will contribute towards me turning this passion of mine into a future career. Thank you for your support, and all the best!

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