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Gen XX | The Christian Reeve Podcast #195

Sometimes guests appear on my show due to a publicist/agent/assistant reaching out to me on behalf of their client. I remember feeling pretty honoured the first time it happened (because I felt it lent some credibility to my show, in the sense that people checked out my show, and decided it was a good fit for their brand and client).

So I would like to say a massive thank you to LaTanya, the publicist for the 'O'Kelly Factor' who has provided many guests for The Christian Reeve Podcast, including our most recent guests - Gen XX.

Gen XX is an upcoming podcast featuring two ladies who are aiming to discuss generation x, and provide their perspectives and opinions. They feel that this is an unheard and often 'forgotten' generation that should be heard more, and so this is what they aim to do with their show.

We had a brilliant time together and ended up discussing parenting styles, generation z, inappropriate relationships, recording mixtapes, and so much more.

Check it out here:


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