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False Sense Of Self-Importance

Call it arrogance, call it whatever you wish

I'm sick of it, I'm sick of being surrounded by it

Sick of the inhumane, the clueless torture my brain

How can I converse with you? You're all the fucking same


You trap me in a corner like I'm to blame

Even though you are certified insane

Ambushing me with accusations

And now I'm alert on all stations

Now overwhelmed with anxiety, that which you will never see

You have no idea about the consequences of your actions, the consequences to me

You do not know about how it all takes its toll, you see the curse of caring means you will never be free

And please get me out of here

Book me a ticket to sanity

Please get me out of here

Away from the coldness and vanity

Please get out of here

To a place where I am alone

Please get me out of here

I want a place that I can call home

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