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Left Or Right?

You've always been trying to impress the world

Through sheer desperation, cause that's what you do

Heroes, elders, friends, and women

You'll sing for anyone who'll listen

But often they stop listening

And you're back on your own

Staring at your phone, crying in the empty room

Wishing for a day when you won't be alone

And yet, your mother told you that this day would come

And deep down, you always knew

But I guess you were running away from it

Cause you didn't know if you could handle it

Because it's dangerous being alone for you

Cause sometimes it's addictive, and sometimes it's terrifying

Right now you feel more disconnected than ever

And there are two paths that lay ahead

It's your choice, it's always been your choice

Take a left and you'll go into the unknown

Who knows what you'll find?

Take a right and the story ends.

Is it supposed to end then? Who knows?

But deep down, you know

And when the time is right, it'll be crystal clear

In life, or in death


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