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Twin Flame Relationships & Twin Flames Universe With Laura-Marie Jenks | TCRP #249

Trigger warning This episode covers topics that may be traumatic or upsetting for some listeners. So please proceed with caution.

Furthermore, all opinions and thoughts expressed in the podcast are just that, opinions and thoughts. They are based upon speculation and the evidence found within the Netflix documentary 'Escaping Twin Flames Universe'.

In this episode, Laura-Marie Jenks joins the show to discuss her twin flame relationship, how she met her twin flame, the nature of twin flame relationships, why meeting your twin flame doesn't guarantee a harmonious union, the origins, and the history behind the term, how people use the concept of twin flames to excuse toxic behaviour, and more.

Plus! Hear Laura-Marie and Christian examine the Twin Flames Universe cult, the damaging reality of the mirror exercise, the Netflix documentary on the cult, how Jeff Ayan & Shaleia Ayan created the Twin Flames Universe, how the cult manipulates its followers, the business side of the twin flames universe, the concept of soul families, and much more!


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