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Understanding Cults With Gavri'el HaCohen (Part 1) | The Christian Reeve Podcast #246

In this episode, musician and co-host of the Leaving Eden Podcast Gavri'el Hacohen joins the show to discuss researching cults, exploring christian fundamentalist cults with his podcast co-host Sadie Carpenter, Steven Hassan's BITE Model of Authoritarian Control, the structure of cults, the fundamentals of cults, why people join cults, how cults manipulate followers, the twin flames universe, thought control in cults, the differences between cults and religious groups, how businesses can be like cults, how cults function as businesses, how cults can resemble pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing schemes, how the internet has made it easier to start a cult, christian sex advice, the business side of cults, how relationships can be like cults, and so much more!


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