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Upcoming Podcast Guests (20/03/23)

I recently made a blog post about upcoming guests on the show, with the aim of keeping my audience updated on what's to come, as well as giving them a chance to formulate any questions they may have and then send them over to me before I do the shows.

These shows are always subject to change, either due to rescheduling, people changing their minds, or other factors, so please keep this in mind when reading these posts.

Please be sure to check out my other recent post for the majority of the upcoming guests, as this post serves as a supplemental post to it.

With all that being said, please feel free to send over any questions you may have to:


Dami Payne - Product lead at Canopy (a B2B SaaS fintech startup) - joining the show to discuss ai, ai trends, machine learning, the future of ai etc


Jay Nelson - Co-author of ''Consciousness in a Nutshell: A Psychonautical Odyssey''


Jonathan Crane - voice actor & voiceover artist, former marine and former police officer


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