Chocolate For Dogs!

Why Your Dog Can’t Eat Regular Chocolate

Put simply, chocolate is poisonous to dogs. The degree to which chocolate can affect dogs is dependent on the variety of chocolate they have consumed, the size of your dog, and the amount of chocolate that they have eaten. From a scientific perspective, it is the ‘theobromine’ contained within chocolate in particular that dogs have difficulty digesting (whereas humans can easily digest this). Theobromine in large quantities can reportedly cause symptoms such as seizures, heart attacks, and internal bleeding, to name a few.

You are likely to find all sorts of answers on the internet about this topic, but perhaps the best course of action is to avoid it entirely. If your dog accidentally eats some chocolate, you can find useful tools online to quickly refer to, such as the ‘dog chocolate toxicity calculator’ provided by VetsNow. This handy tool does exactly as the name suggests, it calculates how much chocolate is toxic to dogs by taking information such as: the amount of chocolate, the type of chocolate, the size of your dog, and the weight of the dog.

In addition, this tool even recommends the nearest clinic based on your location. If you would like to learn more, make sure to check out authorities such as Hillspet, so that you have all the information you need to keep your dog safe, and healthy! Additionally, If your dog is showing an interest in chocolate, providing them with dog chocolate is an excellent alternative! But what’s available?

Chocolate Treats For Dogs - Protecting Your Dog With Chocolate Alternatives

Did you know that there is actually dog friendly chocolate? Yes, despite the fact that chocolate is a definite ‘no-no’ for your dog, there are brilliant chocolate alternatives for dogs, so they can still enjoy the awesome taste of chocolate, but without getting sick! There are several high-quality dog treat providers in the UK that are producing excellent products for dogs as an alternative to chocolate, including products such as:

  • Dog Chocolate

  • Chocolate Flavoured Dog Treats

  • Chocolate Substitutes For Dogs

Platinum Paws - Delicious Treats For Dogs

If you're interested in buying some dog chocolate, chocolate flavoured treats for dogs, dog gift baskets, dog gift hampers, or general high-quality treats for dogs, you should definitely check out Platinum Paws - a premium producer and seller of dog treats. If you’re looking for something extra special for your furry little friend, make sure to check out Platinum Paws’ range of tasty treats for dogs in their online shop, and pamper your dog!

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